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Welcome to this module

Lego_Brick Hello to EN6058 Digital Literary Studies. This is the space – aside from submitting assignments on Minerva – where you’ll be interacting with this module. As you can see, there are pages detailing the overall schedule for the module, bibliographies, and assignments. There is drop-down list with worksheets for each section or text of the module: these are being updated as we go along, so keep an eye on those.  I’ll be asking you to create an account with WordPress: Why? I’ll explain more in the first seminar! But if you want to get started before then, this is very straightforward. When you land on the site it seems as though it is asking you to create a blogsite name – just ignore that and click through – the next page will have (in small blue font) “just sign up for a username”. The other way to interact with the module is to use Twitter. As gregg_sh I’m frequently tweeting things related to digital humanities, e-reading, the eighteenth-century, and books. But so you don’t have to follow me or all my tweeting, I’ll be using a hashtag for topics especially close to the module: just search for the hashtag #en6058. In the sidebar of the module blogsite (below, if you’re reading this on a mobile device) there are numerous links: to blogs (‘Blogroll’), eighteenth-century resources (‘C18th links’), and digital tools (‘Tools’). In this module we will be constantly moving between printed texts and digital resources – this is where a blogsite like this works best, because you’ll find that it facilitates this movement much more naturally. Finally – have fun (and I hope the significance of a lego brick will eventually become clear)! “Lego Brick”. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –