Evolution of the Female Novelist.

Posted by Emily Price

Project – For this project I will analyse the changing portrayal of relationships and love by female novelists between the 17th and 18th century. In order to analyse this I will aim to gather an equal amount of female novels from each decade in plain text format. This will hopefully result in a representative set of data which I can begin analysing with visualisation tools, performing macro analysis on these texts.  I will upload my texts in chronological view in order to create results in a timeline format. Working within these tools I will analyse key terms and word clusters that surround relationships and love and reveal how/if the frequency of these words alters across the centuries.

Once I have analysed this set of texts and drawn results from the data, I will aim to further analyse these results by consulting wider critical research based around the progression of female novelists and their portrayal of love.

If specific decades of interest are founded whereby activity levels are increasingly higher than others, and frequency of the words dramatically changed, I aim to perform a case study on this area of interest to analyse it in more depth. For example if 1720 – 1740 produced a high frequency of results I would zoom into these decades and perform a more in depth analysis, perhaps involving the addition of more novels and bringing into play novels from male authors also. This contrasting research between the genders would then aim to analyse whether these were results determined by a change in female authors and their writing or due to the change in writing as a whole in that time frame.


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