Project proposal: mapping Persuasion

Abbie Jolly proposed the following:

Persuasion imageI shall be using the Google maps tool to analyse and visualize the findings of my question in relation to Persuasion (that has yet to be decided). I will be creating subheadings located on the map which may feature titles including: class, place, character. Other topics the project may discuss include visualization, digital humanities, history, and the novel. Included in my map will be links to primary tools such as Ngrams, Voyant tools and other databases, to help articulate my arguments and enhance my findings. I feel that my project could be very successful once all research has been conducted. However I think my main issue for my project will be its structure and its focus: I will be using the map tool as the format but I think the difficulty I will face is being able to demonstrate a clear relationship between all my subheadings.

Image: Owen Benson, Flickr.


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