The Relationship Between Gender and Title


After needing to hone the idea of my project, I have decided for its focus to be on researching whether there is a relationship between the author’s gender and the title of the work (and indeed, vice versa). I became interested in this idea because over the course of this module, it has become apparent that male authors seem to prefer titles which include words such as ‘adventure’ and ‘account’, whereas female authors tend to write more about ‘memoirs’ and ‘romances’ etc. It is important to remember however, that perhaps pseudonyms have been used, or false names, and so I will bear this in mind throughout the project.

The project will be laid out on a blog site, as opposed to a traditional essay format. This was decided upon because I think it is important for the information to be interactive, with the readers able to actively click on links to visualizations and such and be able to play an active role in their own understanding of the text.

The Early Novels Database  will be used to gain access to a data set of authors and titles as it houses over 1000 works from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. This information will be extracted and use textual analysis tools such as Voyant to see whether there are any significant results in regards to the gender of the author and their title choice.


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