Preliminary DH Reading List

When looking into a preliminary reading list on the topic of digital humanities, I found that there were many articles relating to women’s involvement in the area. Scholars such as Bethany Nowviskie and Moya Z Bailey have argued that it is a male dominated area. I think this is particularly relevant to my project which hopes to find a link between 18th century author’s gender and their book titles.

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Other digital humanities reading which will be important in laying the groundwork for my project will be Matthew Jockers’ ‘Macroanalysis’, in which he conducts a similar project to this on classification in novels. Stanley Fish’s ideas will also be discussed, a scholar who believes that using digital humanities as a way of conducting analyses on texts is not the way forward, and that we are in fact limited by our tools. Alongside this argument, Stephen Ramsey’s ‘Algorithmic Criticism’ will be discussed to show the positives and negatives which many scholars find in work of this type.

The articles mentioned above hope to be used in this project to show an awareness of the pros and cons and the debates surrounding the digital humanities.


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