Which books?

Last week, we bounced around a few ideas for books we might like to attempt to part-digitise and edit. Below is the list, plus a couple of others. As you’ll see, it might depend upon the ability to find the right kind of source book. Also, I mentioned, we won’t be digitizing or editing a large portion of these texts. In fact, it’ll be up to you to decide what combination of features (physical, literary, historical) you think is most interesting about your chosen book, and so what pages you will be digitizing and editing. I will insist, however, that you include the title page. More details to come.

Sheridan, School for Scandal

Defoe, Robinson Crusoe.

Austen, Persuasion

Voltaire, Candide

 NB: for these, you will need to find the oldest edition you can afford (e.g. Everyman editions from the early 20thC are around £4; 19thC editions tend to be more but you might find a bargain). I’d suggest a visit to Bayntun’s antiquarian bookshop near the station – it’s fun to browse downstairs where they keep the cheaper second-hand copies.

Nehemiah Grew, Musaeum Regalis Societatis. or a catalogue & description of the natural and artificial rarities belonging to the Royal Society (1681)

The Most Delectable History of Mr Reynard (1701)

Both of the above from BSU special collections.

Henry Fielding , Tom Jones (1749) [Everyman, c.1910].

Alexander Pope, The Works, vols I and II (1736).

Both of these are my personal copies which may be used.


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