3,500 words (or equivalent). Deadline: Friday, May 20th, 2016. Weighted at 70%

This will comprise both the project itself and a short reflective commentary on its development.

Project topic to be devised in consultation with me. There are scheduled project workshops from March onwards. In the first session you’ll be able to pitch your ideas, get feedback from me and your fellow students on its potential and possible hurdles, and use the group as a sounding-board in order to develop your idea. We will also decide together what extra further technical help might be needed. There will be a regular catch-up sessions through out the module during which you’ll report on progress, but also talk through any challenges you have faced. This is important, since it is your ability to reflect on the processes of your project that will ensure its eventual rigour: recording both your progress and what difficulties you met and how you solved them are essential to this assessment. To that end each project session will include an in-class blogging session help you reflect upon your project’s development (which may also serve as the basis of your project’s reflective commentary).

Word length for assignments includes quotations, references (i.e. footnotes or endnotes) and bibliography. Charts, graphs, images etc are not included in the word count.


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