Week seven: digitisation

During this week’s session we will begin the process of digitising and editing your team’s book by scanning the pages you’ve chosen. Please remind yourself how our scanner will work, see the PDF file for the Instructables instructions for the cardboard scanner here.

We’ve narrowed our books down to: Sheridan, School for Scandal; Defoe, Robinson Crusoe; Austen, Persuasion; Voltaire, Candide (depending on how your shopping trip to Bayntun’s went). The other two texts – from BSU special collections – were Nehemiah Grew, Musaeum Regalis Societatis. or a catalogue & description of the natural and artificial rarities belonging to the Royal Society (1681) and The Most Delectable History of Mr Reynard (1701).

So, in preparation for this week you will need to decide which passages or pages you would like to digitise (in addition to the title page):

  1. You choice will depend upon what features you think are most important about this book or text: it might be the author, topic, genre, its publishing context, its physical features etc. etc.
  1. You will have had to carry out some research on your chosen book and its author and topic to inform your choice of pages or passages to focus upon.
  1. Think carefully why and for whom you are digitizing this book. Although the images won’t be going beyond the confines of this institution, might it be beneficial or interesting for an audience beyond this classroom? If it is intended as purely scholarly task – which is fine – then what intellectual rationale can you give (think about kind of the rationale you give for your dissertation projects)?

To follow-up, you’ll need to process the images. However, don’t follow the Instructables on this point since the software is not for beginners, plus they process them as PDFs which won’t display on a web platform. NB. The images may be subject to the rights of the BSU Library: please do not share them with anyone outside the classroom.

  1. You might need to rotate some of the images the right way up. You will very likely want to crop them. Use Preview (already loaded on all Macs). This is fine if you want to present each image as a separate page image.
  1. If you want to present the images as a number of images you can scroll through, then you will need merge the image files [more details to come about this].