Week fourteen: reflection

In this week’s session we’ll focus on the essay. Following the ethos of collaboration exemplified by Clay Jannon and his band, we will peer review eachother’s work and share our collective wisdom. In preparation:

  • Read eachother’s recent blog posts. For each post make notes about its positive aspects and offer some constructive suggestions about how it might be improved.
  • Focusing on one article , chapter, book, or blog post you have found useful for your essay (aside from the work quoted in the essay question), summarise its argument and why it is particularly illuminating. Be prepared to share your comments in the session.
  • And finally, we’ll discuss the practice of open-source knowledge. In an article about Wikipedia, Rosenzweig notes that ‘Historical scholarship is  … characterized by possessive individualism’ – the same still holds true for a lot of literary scholarship. What would you think about sharing your own critical research  – in form of, say, your research bibliography – with your fellow students? What ideas or traditions exist that stand against this idea? Or how might we argue for an ethos of sharing?